Zac Efron Denim Ad

It seems that Brad Pitt isn't the only one who can make an embarrassing commercial (or two). Zac Efron has dipped his toes into the celebrity endorsement world, with his own fashion-oriented spot and it's pretty unintentionally hilarious.

Fronting an ad for John John Denim, we're not exactly sure how this got the thumbs up from the creative committee. This hip hop flavored spot clearly came from people whose idea of the genre is fairly outmoded. Not to mention that they couldn't have asked for a more generic song, if they tried. Are hydraulics still cool? Are we supposed to buy Thug Efron? And what's up with the street racing? Even the "Fast & Furious" franchise has moved on from that. Anyway, see what John John's idea of cool is below. [ONTD]