That Awkward Moment

It was inevitable that at some point, another group of dudes would try and replicate the easy, raunchy camaraderie of the Apatow gang (i.e. everyone who was in "The Is the End"). And while we really like the dudes in "That Awkward Moment," this attempt at being just like that relatable bunch of bros doesn't quite work, though that may be because underneath all the supposed attitude is a rom-com in waiting.

Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan lead the flick as three best buds who vow to stay single in New York City until they realize that relationships are not hellscapes into which their personalities will disappear. We're actually not sure why this even needed a red-band trailer aside from the gag at the end, which isn't all that funny to begin with, and overall, take away all the bro-ing out, this is pretty much every rom-com ever. But again, we like these actors, so hopefully they're bringing something of substance to the material.

Co-starring Imogen Poots and Jessica Lucas, the film arrives on January 31, 2014.

That Awkward Moment Poster