Last summer it was reported that not only was there a completed script for "The Professional" sequel titled "Mathilda" -- that follows Natalie Portman's character, now grown up -- but that everybody wanted to make it. But unfortunately, superproducer Luc Besson can't control anything and with the rights out of their hands the possibility of that film is pretty much dead. So what to do? How about make it anyway and just call it "Colombiana"?

Yep, the trailer has arrived for the latest Besson-action fest, directed by his ludicrously named cohort Olivier Megaton, and it's basically "Crank," "Taken," "Hanna" and yeah, "The Professional" all rolled into one. Not much to explain here. Someone killed Cataleya Restrepo's parents (yeah, we had to look that up and geez, what a bonkers name) and she's all grown up and going to fucking kill them. Cue the default "Hey, it's that guy!" baddie greasing up the proceedings! Hey, there's an Idris Elba lookalike! Stock sensitive boyfriend! Yeah, we've seen this a zillion times before but Saladana is great in the lead and we'll be happy to turn off our brains for 90 minutes and watch her decimate some baddies. We just hope it's not as boring as "Taken" was.

"Colombiana" opens on September 2nd. Check out the trailer below.