While every comic franchise this summer continues to bait fans with slightly different variations of marketing material (we're looking at you, "X-Men: First Class") Marvel has delightfully taken a full left turn from the playbook for a pretty cute new television spot.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Yeah, neither did we, but you might remember the VW ad (see below) in which a little kid dressed as Darth Vader stomps around the house disappointed that his Jedi powers aren't the same as those he saw in the "Star Wars" movies -- until his Dad arrives home. Well, the newest "Thor" TV spots riffs on that ad, switching out Vader for a viking helmet and a big hammer, with a kid again trying to wield some superhuman powers. It's more or less the same conceit but with a different payoff and hey Easter Egg fans -- it's a Stark Industries mug! (See the picture above.)

Check out the original followed by the "Thor" spot below. The movie opens on May 6th. [via /Film]