Let's be honest here. The "Twilight" franchise thus far has been one long cocktease as audiences have patiently waited for Edward and Bella to stop brooding and pouting and just fuck already. Well, that day is soon upon us.

The first trailer has arrived for "Breaking Dawn" and everyone is getting invited to watch Edward and Bella get married, and then seal the deal PG-13 style. No word yet on what milquetoast indie song will play as RPatz sticks it in KStew, but it appears that the headboard of their bed won't survive the wedding night. The actual plot surrounds the birth of their vampire/human hybrid being Renesmee who, among other things, ages incredibly fast while appearing quite young. Aside from that, it'll likely be the same warmed over supernatural tweener drama that has been served up over the last three installments only with Bill Condon directing this time.

"Breaking Dawn: Part 1" hits theaters on November 18th, so better start camping out now Twihards. Check out the trailer below. [via THR]