As the 2012 presidential race is just getting heated up, who better than Jack Black and indie rock oldies the Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks to remind us that the candidates are generally much more raw (perhaps not this raw) than their public personas they spend so much time massaging.

Malkmus and his Jicks have a new album out, "Mirror Traffic," and the third video for the album is certainly memorable. Black stars in "Senator," as a dude running for office who likes to snort stuff up his nose, party and as the chorus reminds us repeatedly, he really wants a blowjob. Malkmus' usually tricky song structures don't exactly make the best background for a narrative video, but the surrealness of the clip makes up for it. Also? Gary Cole making guitar faces. Watching Black prance around acting like a lecher is pretty fun, and he gets a great, and kind of startling final scene. "The Daily Show" writer Scott Jacobson directs, and it's a fun way cap off your week. Watch below. [Stereogum]