So, with the "Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon" trailer finally here, this latest Japanese "Thor" spot looks positively subtle by comparison. And in a bit of a way, "Thor" seems like old news. It's already open in Australia, and over the weekend it will hit more foreign territories. By the time it gets here the buzz will seem a bit dated.

But anyway, if you're still stoked for your hammer wielding hero there's much to enjoy here. This longer spot offers plenty of new looks, mostly at the otherworld of Asgard. Our man on the other side of the pond recently caught the film, which he reviewed here, and was pleasantly surprised, noting that while it's not particularly groundbreaking as far as comic book movies, it's some fun popcorn entertainment.

"Thor" will smash it's way into theaters on May 6th. Check out the trailer below. [via SuperHeroHype]