Cancer. Funny right? Okay, so maybe the C-word doesn't exactly tickle your funny bone, at least not initially, but "50/50" will try find humor and heart in the deadly disease in this based-on-a-true story tale.

Written by real-life cancer survivor Will Reiser, the script featured highly on the Black List a few years back and has attracted a tremendous cast including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, Philip Baker Hall and Angelica Huston, with the story centered around Will (played by JGL) as he deals with the surprising news that he has cancer. This new trailer is shorter, but also focuses much more heavily on the comedy, than the first spot that unevenly balanced the drama and laughs, but the problem is... it's just not very funny. Rogen in particular seems on autopilot in another part that doesn't give him much to do other than make quips. That said, the bar scene stuff is pretty enjoyable but so far, we're not quite as excited for this as we wanted to be.

We'll have the diagnosis soon enough as "50/50" opens on September 30th. Trailer below.