Yeah, yeah we know New Line changed their minds about calling this "5nal Destination" and are going with the much more safe "Final Destination 5" but it still makes us giggle and for the purposes of the character limit in the headline, it will work.

Moving on, a trailer has landed for the fifth entry in the "Final Destination" series and it seems they are running out of ideas. Laser eye surgery and acupuncture are the latest stages set for the death scenes of the characters in the film, along with much more epic, Mouse Trap-sized set pieces like the opening bridge sequence, which we get a lot of here. If anything, this spot made us weep a single tear for David Koechner who can do so much better than this.

Anyway, it's a lot more of the same stuff you've seen before but audiences love this franchise -- each movie has made more than the last -- so don't expect the series to be "final" anytime soon. "Final Destination 5" opens on August 12th. [via Den Of Geek]