While some folks are surprised that "One Hour Photo" and "Never Let Me Go" helmer Mark Romanek has directed a commercial for Kia, he's been taking on that kind of work for years. But yes, we'll grant you that none of them has been as strange as this.

Premiering last night on the VMAs, this new spot for the Kia Soul is a bit odd. Starting as what looks like an add for Halo, suddenly a trio of hip-hopping hamsters roll up in their green car, and turn the futuristic war zone into a dance party powered by the fucking terrible LMFAO song "Party Rock Anthem." So what does this say about Kia? It's good for hamsters? LMFAO will sound great on its stereo system? The car can survive a post-apocalyptic war zone? Who knows. And while it may be odd, there is no denying it will get you talking and asking your friends if they've seen it. We would just to have loved to be a fly on the wall on that pitch meeting though. Check it out below. [via AICN]