While most early reviews have pegged David O. Russell's "The Fighter" as a mainstream crowd pleasing boxing fix, that hasn't stopped the marketing team behind the film to deliver some very clever teasers and trailers for the film. Back in October, an arty clip was debuted for audiences of "Mad Men" and now, with just over a week until the film hits, a new testosterone heavy spot has been unveiled.

The latest promo piece focuses almost exclusively on the training aspects of the film, as Mark Wahlberg's Micky Ward works out with his brother/trainer Dickie, played by Christian Bale. Sure, we get some glimpses of the family strife, but with the repeated cuts and clangs of the ringside bell, the spot is visual and auditory workout. And it works very well, drawing you into the intimate world Russell has created for the film.

You can check out the spot and the Mark Wahlberg gun show, after the jump. "The Fighters" gets between the ropes on December 10th. [IGN]