This ain't gonna be like your regular Sunday church service. With a tattoo of the cross on his face, Paul Bettany is packing ninja stars and knives as he battles creepy crawlies in the upcoming 3D comic adaptation "Priest," and a new trailer has arrived putting the emphasis on the ass-kicking.

Utilizing his best Christian-Bale-in-"The-Dark-Knight" voice, Bettany is front and center of the new clip as he dispatches some buck-toothed things with relative grace and ease. Praise be to God. Directed by Scott Charles Stewart, the film follows a priest (Bettany) who must rescue his niece when she is kidnapped by vampires. Her boyfriend and sheriff (Cam Gigandet) and a priestess (Maggie Q) come long for the ride in this future-set story where wearing a hoodie is apparently required by law.

Say your prayers -- "Priest" opens on May 13th.