Update: Hollywood.com has debuted five clips from the film.

Ah, red band trailers. Clever marketing ploy or a way to ruin a movie before we actually see it by giving away the best parts? Lately, it's kind of been the latter. Certainly, the filthy "Horrible Bosses" spot delivered some of the best jokes of the film and from what we hear, the same is true of the recent "30 Minutes Or Less" trailer. So, while we definitely enjoyed this latest red band trailer for the upcoming "The Change-Up" dropped by Screen Junkies here's hoping it isn't a highlight reel of the biggest moments from the movie.

Directed by David Dobkin (”Wedding Crashers”), the film finds horny single dude Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) and limp dicked married man Dave (Jason Bateman) switching bodies after pissing in a magical fountain. The results? Well, the jockish Mitch now has to navigate Dave's law job and family life while Dave reaps the (bizarre) rewards of his best friend's out of control sexcapades. And, frankly, it looks like the film is fully embracing the ridiculous premise with gusto, ending with a great scene involving Jamie, Dave's wife (played by Leslie Mann) being told/convinced that the two guys have actually changed bodies.

R-rated comedies are suddenly back in vogue so enjoy it while it lasts. "The Change-Up" lands on August 5th -- check out the trailer below.