Need a break from all the high falutin' Cannes movie news? How about a new-ish trailer for the Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman body-switching comedy "The Change-Up."

Directed by David Dobkin ("Wedding Crashers"), the film finds horny single dude Mitch (Reynolds) and limp dicked married man Dave (Bateman) switching bodies after pissing in a magical fountain. This leads to all kinds of awkwardness and while the premise sounds pretty stupid, both Reynolds and Bateman seem to be going at this film full throttle so we're hoping it's going to be goofy summer laffer. And while this trailer is pretty much the same as the red band version with a couple of new bits (including a bit more of the final gag with Leslie Mann), we have to admit this had us chuckling more than we thought we would.

"The Change-Up" opens on August 5th. Trailer below.