In case you were on your way to work or in a meeting this morning and missed, TIFF announced a new slate of films for the upcoming festival including the first round of titles in the Midnight Madness slate, and topping the list (at least alphabetically) was Douglas Aarniokoski's post-apocalyptic thriller "The Day."

The Canadian production stars Dominic Monaghan, Shannyn Sossamon, Ashley Bell and Shawn Ashmore and while plot details are thin, in centers on a group of humans fighting for their survival against...something. What exactly has caused humanity is unknown for now, but RopeOfSilicon have dug up a pretty interesting sizzle/sales reel for the pic which they compare to having the look and feel of "The Book Of Eli" -- fair enough -- but for us it also recalls a more music video-esque "The Road" as well. The genre is already well stocked with films of this sort so here's hoping there's a fresh approach here.

If Aarniokoski's name seems familiar -- and not just because it sounds like Aronofsky -- that's because he's also directing that Paz De La Huerta-gets-naked-and-covered-in-blood movie "Nurse 3D." We'll see if he's got the horror goods when "The Day" hits TIFF next month. Check out the synopsis and clip below.

In a post-apocalyptic future, an open war against humanity rages. Five survivors wander along rural back-roads, lost, starving and on the run. With dwindling food stocks and ammunition, an attempt at seeking shelter turns into a battleground where they must fight or die.