Talk about calling in favours. For their newest video "Moves," The New Pornographers and director Tom Scharpling have enlisted a ridiculously stacked line up of comedians, musicians and other indie-world folk to star, and the results are pretty charming -- though it's kind of too bad the entire video peaks with the fake trailer that opens it up.

Paul Rudd and Bill Hader (hey Hollywood, cast these two guys in a buddy comedy already!) kick things off with an ad for "Expectant Dads" ("Oh man, now we're both seven months pregnant") before the video proper starts and it's a hipster Where's Waldo. Jon Wurster (drummer for Superchunk), Ted Leo, comedy writer Julie Klausner, Kevin Corrigan (starring as Dan Bejar from Destroyer which is kind of amazing), Horatio Sanz, John Hodgman, comedian Todd Barry, Donald Glover and more all crop up in the video in various places. Its amusing but also sort of instantly forgettable. But hey, we watched it, so mission accomplished. Check it out below. [via Vulture]