Harry Shum Jr
An immortal, flamboyantly gay warlock, part Indonesian, part Dutch, part demon, with an ambivalent relationship to the Shadowhunters, Magnus seems to be one of the more popular characters amongst fans. Thanks to the relative lack of Asian-looking actors, there's not a lot of very viable actors who could do this one without ignoring the character description entirely. "Glee" star Darren Criss has won over fans by being part-Filipino, part-Dutch, but we think that his co-star, Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike Chang on the show (as well as having appeared in the "Step Up" series), has the right kind of look and feel for the part.

Doug Jones
Brother Jeremiah
One of the most striking characters in the tale, Brother Jeremiah is one of the Silent Brothers, a group of particularly powerful monk-like Shadowhunters who've mutilated themselves to achieve greater powers. They're bald headed, have no eyes in their sockets, and have sewn up their lips. And the person best placed to get a real character out of such restrictions? Why, Guillermo del Toro's favorite make-up wearer, Doug Jones.