Before Midnight

We've now spent nearly two decades with Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy), tracking their romance from country-to-country, and when we catch up with them in "Before Midnight," they're finally together and with a family. But is it bliss?

In this new clip from Richard Linklater's latest, Celine asks the question that every guy in a long-term relationship will eventually get: if we met today, would you still be interested in me? It's a loaded question that requires some careful navigation in answering. This playful scene brings some freshness to what could have easily been a sitcom-style setup and punchline. Clearly, Hawke and Delpy know these characters inside and out and it's that realness and comfort that takes this series as a whole far step above similarly themed movies.

Give the scene a spin below. "Before Midnight" opens on May 24th.