Anne Hathaway, TDKR

In case you missed it, this morning there were even more new pics, a clip and even a parody trailer. It looks like our punishment for wanting this deluge of marketing to end is something even more severe.

Warner Bros. has dropped a batch of new images from the movie, but the most compelling shot of all is the one up there. Who is Selina Kyle trying to shoot? Who is that dude with his hand also wrapped around the trigger of the gun? How does her hair remain so flawless in what looks like a SWAT operation (see the dude in the background)? Is she teaming with Gotham PD to bring someone down? Or has someone catburgled her house (ha ha)? In one week we'll know. Rounding out the rest of the pics are snaps of everyone else in the flick, including a higher res version of the come at me bro image of Bane and Batman over on the second page.

You know the date: July 20th. Be there. 

Matthew Modine, Joseph Gordon Levitt, TDKR
Bane, TDKR
Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon Levitt, TDKR
Michael Caine, TDKR