Woody Allen

Well, with his latest "Blue Jasmine" coming to theaters later this month, it's time for Woody Allen to stick to his schedule and start getting his team together for his next effort. As per tradition, Allen is prepping his annual outing to a movie set, and he's added a bunch of new actors.

Veteran Eileen Atkins, character actress Marcia Gay Harden, indie fave Hamish Linklater, familiar Brit face Simon McBurney, Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver, Jeremy Shamos and the young Erica Leerhsen (who you have forgotten was in both "Anything Else" and "Hollywood Ending") have all signed up for Allen's next movie, joining the previously announced Emma Stone and Colin Firth. As usual, there no story details or even word if it's a comedy or drama, which is usually the case for Allen projects -- they stay under warps until the last possible moment. But we do know he'll be shooting in France.

So anyway, just keep this in the back of your mind for now That reminds us, we randomly caught a part of "Husbands And Wives" on cable over the weekend -- we need to catch up with that one again..... "Blue Jasmine" drops on July 26th. [The Wrap]