Bad Johnson

“I wish my d*ck would just leave me alone.” No, really, that’s the first key line of dialogue in Cam Gigandet’s “Bad Johnson.” Purporting to be a comedy (!?), the movie is about a charismatic womanizer who receives his comeuppance after his penis mysteriously leaves his body and takes human form. No, really. And then his penis, well, turns into a total dick.

"It's me your penis," Gigandet’s penis (played by a bearded Nick Thune) says at one point greeting him in his car. The rest of the trailer is… special. Very, very special. Directed by Huck Botko (“Mail Order Wife”), written by Jeff Tetreault and co-starring Jamie Chung and Kevin Miller, you have to see this trailer to believe it. This just looks spectacularly… wrong is perhaps the PC way to put it. Early contender for Razzie of the year? Indie distribs Gravitas Ventures is actually paying money to distribute the movie on May 2nd (only in limited release sadly) so evidently they have some kind of confidence in it. Evidently direct-to-DVD wasn’t an option (though it does hit VOD on April 1st). The poster is kind of the best too.


Bad Johnson, poster