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Yes, There Are Even More 'The Avengers' Images To Look At

by Kevin Jagernauth
April 30, 2012 1:39 PM
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The Avengers Samuel L. Jackon

At this point, we're pretty sure you could put together every official still from "The Avengers" and make a pretty good flip book verison of the upcoming movie. Marvel has been relentless in pushing the movie, but to their credit, it already has earned over $170 million overseas. Hulk smash box office.

Anyway, the movie comes out on Friday and superfans who didn't see it this past weekend at the select Marvel movie marathons around the country, undoubtedly have their costumes ready and tickets bought. But until then, they'll have to wait so Marvel has dropped even more images to give fans a taste. There's nothing particularly groundbreaking or revelatory here except for another look at Hulk (who looks weird in a picture format and works better in the actual movie), an alien ship and a whole lot of people standing around.

But by all accounts the movie is great fun (read our two reviews) and kicks off the summer blockbuster season in a big way. "The Avengers" opens May 4th but you knew that already. [EW/Marvel]

The Avengers Thor Iron Man Captain America
The Avengers Samuel L. Jackson Jeremy Renner
The Avengers Jeremy Renner skip crop
The Avengers Chris Hemsworth skip crop
The Avengers Tom Hiddleston
The Avengers Tom Hiddleston
The Avengers Chris Hemsworth
The Avengers Clark Gregg
The Avengers Robert Downey Jr.
The Avengers skip crop
The Avengers skip crop
The Avengers Tom Hiddleston skip crop
The Avengers Captain America skip crop
The Avengers Jeremy Renner Hulk skip crop
The Avengers Iron Man skip crop
The Avengers Jeremy Renner
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1 Comment

  • rodie | April 30, 2012 5:38 PMReply

    Between all the stills, trailers and TV spots, I feel like I've seen the entire movie at this point. Why pay $10 on Friday?

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