Zero Dark Thirty Medal Of Honor Map skip crop

Well, this seems kind of....crass? Given the sensitive nature of the geopolitical sphere at the moment, turning an already potentially controverisal movie into a multiplayer, virtually high-fiving your bros online video game seems a bit flippant. But, given the limited tie-in opportunities for Kathryn Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty," we suppose Universal had to take what they could get.

Electronic Arts has announced that those of you with "Medal of Honor: Warfighter" will be able to buy official "Zero Dark Thirty" multiplayer maps based on locations from the movie to add on to your game. The two areas -- Darra Gun Market (see above) and Chitral Compound -- will allow players to roam and explore two particular sections of Pakistan. The former is an arms bazaar while the latter is a remote area feared by the Pakistan army, and believed to be where Bin Laden had a hideout.

No matter what you think about this, at least some of the proceeds of $9.99 package will be going to a good cause, with at least $1 million earmarked for charities that benefit the armed services and their families. You can pretend to hunt Bin Laden yourself when the add-on becomes available on December 17th or see the movie later on December 19th. [ZoKnowsGaming]