Thompson on Hollywood

Daniel Craig, the James Bond du jour, might trade in his Aston Martin and other fancy wheels for a set of decrepit railway tracks. Daniel Craig is likely to sign on as the official Ambassador of Indian Railways, said Dinesh Trivedi, India’s railways minister. James Bond 23, the newest 007 film, directed by Sam Mendes, will film in India. The new Bond installment features an important sequence on the rails, which required many meetings with ministry officials to obtain permission. As WSJ reports, there needed to be a tradeoff, and Craig’s face on the train, or at least in a television ad, might seal the deal. The Indian railway is less than high-tech, and Trivedi hopes that Craig’s presence will give the train company an image boost.

In other Bond-related news, hot-as-flapjacks British singer Adele might have let slip that she is recording the new James Bond theme. In an interview on the Jonathan Ross Show, she said she was heading to the recording studio in November, not to record a new album, but to record a theme. She then quickly said, “Wow, I’m really giving something away…” The host hummed the James Bond themed, eliciting giggles and a cackle from the singer. Watch the interview below and see what you think.

[Via New York Magazine]