20th Century Fox logo

News Corporation has selected the name 21st Century Fox for its new media and entertainment company, which includes Fox News, Fox Broadcasting and its Hollywood studio. The new company's previous name was Fox Group.

The name both recalls the film history heritage of 20th Century Fox, while looking ahead to the future, and highlighting the company's creative achievements. In a note, News Corporation chairman and chief Rupert Murdoch praised Fox films like "Avatar" and "Titanic," and TV shows such as "Homeland" and "Modern Family." 

Murdoch will continue to serve as chief of the newly named company. UPDATE: To cheers from exhibitors, Fox chairman Jim Gianopoulos announced that the studio will be hanging on to its own name from here on in. "Twentieth Century Fox all the way," he told TOH after the Fox presentation Thursday.

Below is a fun (if repetitive) visual history of the 20th Century Fox logo, including its early black-and-white "20th Century Pictures" iteration, the CinemaScope label, and the more recent extended logo sequence under News Corporation.

TOH-ers, what are your favorite classic 20th Century Fox films? "Laura," "All About Eve," "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and "The Sound of Music" come to mind.