Thompson on Hollywood

The 4th Annual 3D Entertainment Summit and the 2nd Annual 3D Gaming Summit has lined up a roster of speakers for their event September 20 through 22 at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood.

Among the speakers at these events are director James Cameron and Vince Pace, both co-chairman of the Cameron Pace Group, as well as Tom Rothman, the chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, rocker/mogul Gene Simmons, and Mick Hocking, Sony’s Vice President of Worldwide Computer Entertainment, who will analyze the role of 3-D in a variety of platforms including theatrical films, home entertainment, advertising, gaming, and broadcast.

Cameron, who headlines the conference, is a staunch advocate for the 3-D format. In May Cameron analyzed the current state of 3-D.

Recently the director, who is writing two sequels to his 3-D blockbuster Avatar, wants the price of 3-D to come down, as well as higher quality 3-D fare:

This is a good moment for Hollywood to acknowledge that they have to try harder to maintain the idea that 3D is a premium experience. We can't take cheap routes to offer a 3D title in the marketplace.

Cameron and other leaders in the 3-D and media world will tackle topics at the summit including "3D Theatrical & Home Entertainment Trends in 2011 and Beyond," "3D Storytelling - 2D to 3D, 3D to 2D, 3D to 3D", "3D & The International Marketplace," and "Impact & Challenges of Live 3D." For more about the 4th Annual 3D Entertainment Summit and the 2nd Annual 3D Gaming Summit go here.

[Photograph by Miles Aldridge, The New Yorker]