Kickstarter Film Festival

The 4th Annual Kickstarter Film Festival will take place later this summer, celebrating features, shorts and documentaries produced with funds raised on the crowdfunding platform.

According to Kickstarter, the site held an open call for submissions this year and received more than 1,000 responses.  The festival will kick off in Brooklyn (where the company is headquartered) on July 18 with an evening event in Fort Greene Park featuring several films, including "Obvious Child" and "Prospect."  A second event is planned for Los Angeles on September 12, with another to follow in London on an unspecified date.

Fittingly, given its Internet origins, Kickstarter will also be giving fans the option to have a mini festival in their own backyard, offering a high-quality stream of the programming that will go live on July 18.

Take a look at the festival's fun, hipster chic trailer, below.