Hotel Transylvania
4. Hotel Transylvania (Sony) Week 3 - Last Weekend: #2

$17,300,000 (-36%) in 3,375 theaters (+23): PSA: $1,244; Cumulative: $102,193,000

A strong hold for this thriving animated horror comedy. This has overperformed since the start, and is sustaining its strength as it continues.

What comes next: With Halloween still to come, this has a long way to go.

5. Here Comes the Boom (Sony) NEW - Cinemascore: A; Metacritic score: 41

$12,000,000 in 3,014 theaters: PSA: $3,980,000; Cumulative: $12,000,000

For star Kevin James and director Frank Coraci, this is a disappointment. James' last seven live-action films had opening weekends of between $17 and $40 million. Other than his stumble with "Around the World in 80 Days," Coraci has had steady success, with four collaborations with Adam Sandler grossing $80 million or more.

It made sense to counterprogram a comedy this week, but the elements for this didn't lead to repeating earlier successes, at least initially. However, the A Cinemascore and the increase of business from Friday to Saturday indicate that this might hold better than some of these earlier films.

What comes next: A normal falloff would make this a two-week-and-out film at many locations.

6. Pitch Perfect (Universal) Week 3 - Last Weekend: #3

$9,336,000 (-37%) in 2,787 theaters (+17): PSA: $3,350; Cumulative: $36,085,000

Decent hold for this musical comedy as it continues to find a response with its intended more female audience.

What comes next: As a lower-budget film, it looks like Universal has maximized its appeal and is heading toward profit.

7. Frankenweenie (Buena Vista) Week 2 - Last Weekend: #5

$7,014,000 (-38%) in 3,005 (unchanged) theaters; PSA: $2,334; Cumulative: $22,035,000

Too much competition remains a problem for this Tim Burton 3-D animated film (particularly from "Hotel Transylvania") which is fading fast. It also followed "ParaNorman" as an animated horror entry. Timing was not on "Frankenweenie"'s side.

What comes next: This could have a hard time holding on in most theaters through Halloween.

8. Looper (Sony) Week 3 - Last Weekend: #4

$6,300,000 (-46%) in 2,605 theaters (-388): PSA: $729; Cumulative: $51,442,000

Though Rian Johnson's film has critics behind it and some fervent fans, it is falling steadily now, not sustaining its impressive earlier performance.

What comes next: As a lower-budget film boasting significant early foreign performances, this remains a success for Sony.

9. Seven Psychopaths (CBS) NEW - Cinemascore: B+; Metacritic score: 66

$4,275,000 in 1,480 theaters: PSA: $2,889; Cumulative: $4,275,000

A lower-budget wide release film (under $15 million) with a similar off-kilter appeal as director Martin McDonagh's "In Bruges" (which though a successful specialized film and better international performer ended up just under $8 million in US/Canada), CBS opened a bit more limited than is planned for its second week to a barely decent gross. But the point is to generate word of mouth, so with decent initial sampling this stands a good chance of repeating the appeal it showed when it won the Peoples' Choice award for favorite midnight film at the Toronto Film Festival.

What comes next: A close look at the full weekend to determine the extent of the expansion and increased marketing layout. The key is whether audience reaction in a crowded marketplace will be similar to the enthusiasm its screenings at Toronto had.

10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Lionsgate) - Week 4; Last Weekend #11

$2,166,000 in 726 theaters (+505); PSA: $2,983; Cumulative: $6,151,000

Pushing forward with a big increase in theaters this week, "Perks" continues to perform steadily. The PSA fell by more than half as the number of theaters nearly tripled, a normal pattern. 

What comes next: At this level of performance, some further expansion seems logical, but at the moment, this looks like a good performing niche film than a likely crossover wide-audience hit.