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Aaron Sorkin at Nantucket Film Festival: "I Write Radio Plays"

Photo of Jacob Combs By Jacob Combs | Thompson on Hollywood June 30, 2014 at 11:22AM

This weekend, Aaron Sorkin was honored with the Nantucket Film Festival's Screenwriters Tribute award for his work in film and TV.
Aaron Sorkin

This weekend, Aaron Sorkin was honored with the Nantucket Film Festival's Screenwriters Tribute award for his work in film and TV. Indiewire covered it thoroughly here

At the event held in his honor, the prolific writer behind "The West Wing," "The Social Network, "A Few Good Men" and "The Newsroom" was interviewed by MSNBC's Chris Matthews. Here are some of his most piquant and witty remarks (thanks to BuzzFeed's Alison Willmore for her Twitter sharing.)

  • "I was absolutely tickled that we don't have a king in this country.  We have a person with a temp job."  (referring to "The American President")
  • "I was falling in love with my own voice."
  • "Best $410 I ever spent." (referring to his tuition money for bar tending school)
  • "I write nothing of any visual interest whatsoever.  I essentially write radio plays."  (referring to the 'walk and talk' of "The West Wing")

Anyone who's watched a Sorkin-penned show or movie will probably disagree with that last statement--the writer's words are extremely cinematic, and they're certainly augmented when they're dramatized.  But, of course, Sorkin wouldn't be the beloved quirk that he is if he weren't self-deprecating and clever, even at his own award presentation.

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