Actors Roundtable 2013

It's that time of year again when the Hollywood Reporter kicks off its round table discussions. First up, the Actors. Matthew McConaughey, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Forest Whitaker, Josh Brolin and Michael B. Jordan talk everything from flubbed auditions to leg waxing. Watch the full video below, plus read highlights from the interview.

On what keeps them from getting stale:

JARED LETO: Panic. Desperation.


JOSH BROLIN: Fear -- there's always fear. You re-create yourself in every movie, don't you?

FOREST WHITAKER: There's a good fear, and there's a negative fear. There's a thing you confront when you're going into something new and you come to this sort of abyss, and then you push yourself. It makes you try different things.

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: You mentioned two types of fear, and the one that's good is when you're scared. You don't know what's on the other side, but you're like: "I'm gonna dive in. I know there's something there; I don't know how to define it yet. I don't know the equation, but I'm gonna come up and I'll understand it." It takes you to the cliff, and you should be scared because the cliff drops, and you don't have a net.

Jordan on who he goes to for advice:

Honestly, I haven't had too many people. You're surprised when you see the older generation be very precious with information. [But] as an upcoming actor, I was lucky enough to have Forest and Pete Berg and David Simon. But for the most part, it's been trial and error.

On mistakes:

GYLLENHAAL: The biggest mistake that I've made is not really admitting to myself that filmmaking is a director's medium. We all get into situations where we're working with people, and we try to control that. [But] I realized, once I'm gone, that's going to be this director's vision from here on out. I did that in the past a lot, and now, giving all of that up is such a beautiful and relieving thing.

LETO: Isn't that great about working with [David] Fincher? You know, no matter what, when you walk off that set, you are taken care of.

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