Field, THR
Sally Field at THR cover shoot

And recovering from a role can take time. Cotillard recalls the period of her life following "La Vie En Rose," which took a long time to come out of. She also felt the need to do a major clean-up of old relationships in her life. She says, "[When] you go deep inside yourself, even if it's with a opens things inside of you..just things that you don't want to carry anymore that you need to heal."

On the hurdles of fame, the actresses agree that the paparazzi is enemy number one, especially since most of them have or are planning to have children. Adams admits, "I am going to get into an altercation withe the papparazzi--it's going to happen."

What else makes them angry? "Lots of things," says Cotillard, who says that it's hard to find producers and directors "with an imagination that will take you places that other people didn't think you were good for." She considers her "La Vie En Rose" director, Olivier Dahan, one of the few.

As for the gender divide in the industry, the women rallied to ask THR if they asked the same questions at the Actors Roundtable. Hathaway seemed the most optimistic for positive change and Weisz thanked Fields for paving the way. But, reminds Adams, "You are told constantly that you have a shelf life [as an actress]," and she doubts that it's the same for men.

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