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Anderson's 'The Master' Showcased in Alamo Drafthouse Amazing Alamoscope 70mm Series

Thompson on Hollywood By Sophia Savage | Thompson on Hollywood August 10, 2012 at 2:02PM

Alamo Drafthouse announces their new and ongoing programming series "Presented in Amazing Alamoscope: 70mm at the Ritz." Among the titles are Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" (starting September 21)...
"The Master"
"The Master"

Alamo Drafthouse's new and ongoing programming series "Presented in Amazing Alamoscope: 70mm at the Ritz" will include Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" (starting September 21), "West Side Story," "Cleopatra," "Ghostbusters," "Indiana Jones," "Baraka" and "Playtime." Anderson says he is "thrilled that Tim [League] has helped us present the film in its intended way. This is a special format, and keeping it alive is important."

Alamo's League adds, "Anderson has bucked the trend of digital conversion and shot his new American epic 'The Master' in glorious 70mm.  As an homage to his bold ambition, we have made a long-term commitment to celebrate 70mm, both as a lead-up to the release of his new film and as an integral part of our programming for years to come.”

Alamo waxes nostalgic on 70mm:

"A gargantuan creation of the 1950s, [it] quickly became the permanent benchmark of quality, transforming every title released in the format into a mind-expanding epic. The depth, the sharpness, the beauty and the history make every 70mm screening an unforgettable event for any movie fan.  While movie studios and theaters dump celluloid to replace with computer files and giant TVs, the Alamo is proud to instead leap into the tremendous, triumphant arena of 70mm."

Details on the lineup and a trailer for “Presented in AlamoScope: 70mm at the Ritz!” below.

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