"Finding Nemo 3D"
finding nemo "Finding Nemo 3D"

Despite the disaster that was "John Carter," writer-director Andrew Stanton may take the reins on the sequel to his hugely successful "Finding Nemo," according to Deadline. Stanton has been integral to the success of Disney/Pixar, from writing "Toy Story," among other things, to directing Oscar-winning "Finding Nemo" (2003) and "Wall-E" (2008). The box office and critical success of those films helped Stanton to land the ambitious misfire "John Carter," which proved a $200 million write-off for Disney, led to the sacking of neophyte studio head Rich Ross and did nothing to help the director's status in live-action territory. There's no reason to be worried about Stanton within John Lasseter's Disney/Pixar universe however; they are keen on Stanton's concept for "Finding Nemo 2," which is a cash cow waiting to be milked. The first made over $860 million worldwide.