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Andy Samberg's Tasteful Indie Spirit Awards Monologue, 'Bad Lip Reading,' 'Beast It' and Skype Audition Sketches [Video]

Thompson on Hollywood By Maggie Lange | Thompson on Hollywood February 26, 2013 at 11:09AM

Andy Samberg got it right. The SNL alum hosted Saturday night's Independent Spirit Awards, the penultimate show before Sunday's Oscars, and he led the evening with perfectly goofy candor. Everyone played along and the audience reaction shots were actually a pleasure to watch -- a contrast to Sunday night's Oscars.
Andy Samberg Indies

Andy Samberg got it right. The SNL alum hosted Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards, the penultimate show before Sunday's Oscars, and led the evening with goofy candor. The audience played along and their reaction shots were a pleasure to watch -- in stark contrast to Sunday night's Oscars.

Samberg's jokes were jocular and just vulgar enough. He also spread his teasing across the board from Wes Anderson's hipster scarfs, the inevitable sadness after watching "Amour," and picking on buddy Paul Rudd (or "Pauool Roode"). Samberg's gentle joshing made everyone look good, from John Hawkes, Amy Poehler, Jack Black, John Waters, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence to Matthew McConaughey.

Samberg began his hosting duties with a send-up of an indie-darling via the fake trailer "Bottlecap." With co-stars Marisa Tomei and JK Simmons, Samberg plays misfit girl Bottlecap, who just wants to wave her hand in the wind.

Check out the trailer and monologue below, along with other highlights from the show, including Samberg's "Bad Lip Reading" sketch, "Beast It" with Jack Black as Hushpuppy, and "Skype Auditions," in which Samberg auditions online for "Celeste and Jesse Forever." (The Film Independent Spirit Awards YouTube page is here.) 

Our TOH! coverage of the 28th Annual Indie Spirit awards is here and our live backstage reporting here.

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