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Details from a buzzed-about collaboration between director Ang Lee and screenwriter Peter Morgan on a 3-D boxing film have surfaced. Morgan has reportedly started writing the film and hopes to finish this year. Exiting Focus Features exec James Schamus and long-time Lee collaborator is producing. 

Morgan, who penned the screenplays for "The Queen," "Frost/Nixon" and this year's "Rush," says, per Cinema Blend, that the film will be "a look at how brutal the confrontations were" between boxers Muhammad Ali and Joe Frasier in the 1970s. "They were marked by how aggressive Ali was towards Frazier out of the ring. He taunted and belittled him."

The screenwriter also spoke about Ang Lee's use of 3-D. He won an Oscar last year for directing in that format for "Life of Pi." "Ang wants to work with 3-D technology that will make an audience feel as if they're inside the ring,” Morgan said, promising a unique and immersive experience. (Our 2012 TOH! interview with Lee, who talks about the 3-D look of "Pi.")

Alfonso Cuaron has set the 3-D bar very high this year with his visually exhilarating space odyssey "Gravity." If this new project moves forward, could Ang Lee top him?