'Begin Again'
'Begin Again'

We've seen Keira Knightley kick, swashbuckle, and charm her way through her career so far, but one thing we haven't seen her do very much of--until now--is sing.

Knightley stars in the upcoming film "Begin Again," premiering tomorrow June 27 in New York and Los Angeles before opening nationwide on July 2, as an aspiring songwriter who jolts herself into motivation after a breakup with her longtime boyfriend (played by Adam Levine), an indie rocker who finds his career unexpectedly taking off. Mark Ruffalo co-stars as a hard-drinking shaggy record exec who has lost his job and his mojo until he hears Knightley's character singing in a tiny New York City bar and offers to help her produce her first album.

"Begin Again" comes our way from John Carney, the writer/director behind "Once," the indie musical turned international (and Broadway) sensation.  Carney co-wrote many of the film's songs, and Vulture yesterday premiered a lyric video for "Lost Stars," sung by Knightley's Greta and then later echoed by Levine's character in a stadium concert later in the film.

While the song itself is a little gauzy and the lyrics venture into twee-town ("Who are we? / Just a speck of dust within the galaxy. / Woe is me / If we're not careful turns into reality"), Knightley's voice is mellow and engaging, and she certainly has the charm and restraint as an actor to pull off the kind of character the film calls for.  Take a listen for   yourself below and see what you think.

ICYMI, Entertainment Weekly ran a list of the 26 must-see movies compiled by Ruffalo and Catherine Keener for their film daughter, Hailee Steinfeld. It's a great list covering seven decades, in all genres, packed with super performances, natch. Here's Carney commenting on the scene in the trailer below, and list on the jump.