Brooklyn Castle
"The Flat" (IFC) - Week 2

$42,000 in 9 (+6) theaters; PSA: $4,700; Cumulative: $76,000

Better than usual performance among recent docs as this Israeli film quickly adds new cities.

What it means: In a crowded market, this seems to be showing some promise.

"Brooklyn Castle" (PDA) - Week 2

$30,100 in 8 theaters (+6); PSA: $3,763; Cumulative: $54,000

A modest expansion for this NY student chess competition documentary, still performing ahead of what most recent docs have done.

What comes next: Further expansion and hoping for awards attention.

"Holy Motors" (Indomina) - Week 2

$15,300 in 2 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $7,650; Cumulative: $56,000

A modest drop (19%) in its two NY theaters is a sign of specialized audience interest after initial reviews boosted the first weekend

What comes next: Indomina seems to be moving carefully with this, but these grosses will be enough to get it prime big city openings across the country, and potential decent success for what these days is a tricky sell -- a French film whose main appeal is to younger, more adventuresome audiences. (It plays at LA's AFI Festival this weekend before its later opening there.)

"The Big Picture" (MPI) - Week 3

$19,200 in 6 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $3,200; Cumulative: $40,300

This French thriller continues its modest performance, holding its theater count steady.

What comes next: Without a lot of competition in upcoming weeks, this should get maximized playoff.

"Smashed" (Sony Pictures Classics) - Week 3

$44,400 in 21 theaters (+1); PSA: $2,114; Cumulative: $150,000

Still underperforming, but at least the PSA held steady this weekend.

What comes next: Much wider playoff is still ahead, although this is struggling to find traction.

"Middle of Nowhere" (AFFRM) - Week 3

$30,100 in 24 theaters (+3); PSA: $1,254; Cumulative: $166,900

Still not finding its deserved wider audience after its strong openings.

What comes next: With a reported $200,000 production cost, this acclaimed drama still is likely to ultimately be successful.

"Simon and the Oaks" (The Film Arcade) - Week 3

$32,500 in 14 theaters (+7); PSA: $2,321; Cumulative: $79,000

This Swedish WW2 drama doubled its theater count to continued modest results.

What comes next: This will keep opening in new markets, but it doesn't look like it will reach more than a low six figure total.

"The Paperboy" (Millennium) - Week 4

$102,000 in 76 theaters (+2); PSA: $1,342; Cumulative: $551,000

Continued weak performance for this multi-star steamy thriller.

What comes next: Won't last much longer.

"The House I Live In" (Abramorama) - Week 4

$25,029 in 12 theaters (+8); PSA: $2,085; Cumulative: $111,000

Performing steadily as it gets into new markets, this drug prohibition drama continues to score important media attention with the hope that this leads to awards.

What comes next: Enough gross here to continue playing going forward.

"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" (Lionsgate) - Week 6

$1,400,000 in 736 theaters (-9); PSA: $1,902; Cumulative: $11,208,000

This keeps holding a very steady theater count with little additional advertising not preventing this from adding on gross each week.

What comes next: This is already one of the best grossing initially platform films of the year, and it has some weeks left to go.

"Arbitrage" (Roadside Attractions) - Week 7; also available on Video on Demand

$176,000 in 125 theaters (-44); PSA: $1,408; Cumulative: $7,350,000

Now late in the run, but still adding to its impressive total while home viewing is also available.

What comes next: Roadside hopes to position Richard Gere in the very competitive best actor race this year.

"Samsara" (Oscilloscope) - Week 10

$94,000 in 67 theaters (-2); PSA: $1,400; Cumulative: $2,179,000

In its third month, and still holding on.

What comes next: This should easily pass the $2.5 million mark.

"Searching for Sugar Man" (Sony Pictures Classics) - Week 14

$159,000 in 114 theaters (-23); PSA: $1,395; Cumulative: $2,214,000

Along with "Samsara" the other documentary with legs and strong word of mouth.

What comes next: This could still get to $3 million.