"Yves Saint Laurent" (Weinstein) - $38,722 in 10 theaters (+8); PSA: $3,872; Cumulative: $86,110

This failed to live up to its mildly promising New York debut last week with a minor expansion. Because it is Weinstein, expect for this to get dated in big cities eve eventually, but it looks headed for a modest playoff at best.


Others over $50,000 for the weekend:

"Chef" (Open Road) Week 9- $1,678,000 in 686 theaters (-115); Cumulative: $22,040,000
"Obvious Child" (A24) Week 5 - $382,652 in 202 theaters (+6); Cumulative: $1,942,046
"Ida" (Music Box) Week 10 - $220,000 in 100 theaters (-127); Cumulative: $2,852,084
"Belle" (20th Century Fox) Week 10 - $190,000 in 123 theaters (-52); Cumulative: $10,000,196
"Third Person" (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 3 - $119,859 in 34 theaters (+18); Cumulative: $291,794
"Words and Pictures" (Roadside Attractions) Week 7- $91,300 in 58 theaters (-47); Cumulative: $1,866,400

Of note:
--"Chef" fell out of the top 10, but is still on a trajectory to easily pass $25 million, and push even higher. It now has surpassed other first-half of the year successes like "Mud," "A Place Beyond the Pines," "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and also is ahead of some of last summer's crossover successes.
-- "Obvious Child" looks like it will get somewhere in the $3-4 million range, better than most Sundance low-budget successes. It should end up a little under what the somewhat similar New York-based "Frances Ha" attained last year.
-- "Ida," which would have looked like a success at $1 million is now barreling toward $3 million and even has an outside chance of challenging "The Lunchbox" as the top subtitled release so far this year, despite its downbeat Eastern European story and black & white format.