"Take This Waltz" (Magnolia) - Week 5; also available on Video on Demand

$81,000 in 64 theaters (+8); PSA: $1,266; Cumulative: $978,280

Low PSA at this point, but a $1 million gross is the next step

What it means: The VOD venues remain the easier place for most viewers to see this.

"The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" (Fox Searchlight) - Week 13

$328,000 in 276 theaters (-12); PSA: $1,188; Cumulative: $44,464,000

Heading into its fourth month on screen, this still is finding new viewers at the point when most films are nearing DVD release.

What it means: This has established a high bar for specialized/indie releases for 2012 that likely won't be topped until will we get to year-end awards-boosted films.

"Bernie" (Millennium) - Week 14

$134,000 in 99 theaters (-5); PSA: $1,354; Cumulative: $8,593,000

Weekend 14 for "Bernie," who like the namesake in the movie, refuses to lie down and die.

What it means: $9 million anyone?

"Safety Not Guaranteed" (FilmDistrict) - Week 8

$164,000 in 149 theaters (+25); PSA: $1,101; Cumulative: $3,197,000

Pushing ahead (and adding theaters at this late date), this continues to play at a consistent if lower level late in the run.

What it means: $4 million is still possible, way above expectations.

"Your Sister's Sister" (IFC) - Week 7

$60,000 in 64 theaters (-1); PSA:$800; Cumulative: $1,460,000

Grossing little at this point, but keeping the print count steady.

What it means: This is near the end of its run, after more than tripling the gross of director Lynn Shelton's earlier cult success "Humpday."

"Shut Up and Play the Hits" (Oscilloscope) - Week 2

$22,400 in 15 theaters; PSA: $1,493; Cumulative: $453,000

After its mainly single-day midweek engagements nationally last week, this returned for more regular dates in a handful of theaters with minor success.

What it means: This has done most of its theatrical gross, but has been established nicely for other venues ahead.

"Neil Young Journeys" (Sony Picture Classics) - Week 5

$18,378 in 16 theaters (+2); PSA: $1,149; Cumulative: $112,000

This continues to draw only die-hard Neil Young fans.

What it means: Expect this to still get to other markets for at least single-week bookings.

"The Imposter" (Indomina) - Week 3

$13,526 in 2 theaters (+1); PSA: $6,763; Cumulative: $61,000

With less advertising than some other recent docs, this Sundance contender continues to add gross after its very strong initial NY opening.

What it means: This expands to more cities starting this week.