Thompson on Hollywood

Taking a quick break from multi-tasking behind the camera as well as in front of it (and perhaps taking a lead from his recent tweet battle with the Village Voice), Ashton Kutcher is adding a new hyphenation to his job description: magazine editor.

Yep. Kutcher joined up with DETAILS magazine to bring out a special online only Social Media issue via Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter and Tumblr. The free issue of the magazine includes Ashton's 10 Style Commandments and essay by actor Nick Kroll on social media.

In his editor's note, Kutcher invites us to "digitally tear the magazine apart." Does that mean the Village Voice is breaking the rules if it disses Kutcher's mag in print? Uh oh—we can almost hear the sound of Kutcher reloading over at @aplusk.

In related news, The NYT reports that Kutcher failed to disclose his own personal financial stake in online companies profiled in the DETAILS issue he edited, and could be subject to an investigation from the Federal Trade Commission or the Securities and Exchange Commission. Maybe that Editor title isn't going to stick for long.