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Attention Screenwriters: The Black List Expands & Will Evaluate Your Scripts

Thompson on Hollywood By Sophia Savage | Thompson on Hollywood October 16, 2012 at 3:17PM

The annual Black List, which features Hollywood's most liked screenplays (including this year's "Django Unchained," "Looper," "The Impossible" and "Argo"), is expanding.
Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained'

The annual Black List, which features Hollywood's most liked screenplays (including this year's "Django Unchained," "Looper," "The Impossible" and "Argo"), is expanding. Founder of the Black List Franklin Leonard and co-founder Dino Sijamic announce the launch of a paid service that allows any screenwriter to upload their scripts to a database and have it evaluated by professional script readers. Depending on those evaluations, scripts could then be read by up to a thousand industry pros who are members of the Black List site.

Leonard states:

"For years people have been asking me how to get their scripts to Hollywood. Short of endless rounds of unanswered query letters and screenplay competitions that may, in the best case scenario, attract the notice of a few people, I never had a good answer. We built this to provide one. It's essentially a screenplay competition with rolling admission, as many prizes as there are good scripts, and instead of a check, you may be rewarded with a career as a professional screenwriter. But it's also more than that: we're delivering the best scripts directly to the hundreds of people who can help get them bought and made."

Rest assured, screenwriters, Leonard and Sijamic are clear on their "do no harm" policy. Script will only be made available if the author grants permission. However, it's likely your script will only be read if the feedback has been positive or if the site's algorithm determines it would be of interest to a particular person.

The cost is $25 per month for having scripts hosted and made available to the Black List community. It's $50 to have a script evaluated by anonymous readers. After the evaluation, having a script read by pros is free. Writers retain all rights to their work.

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