Daniel Day-Lewis Lincoln trailer

The BAFTA LA 2012 Britannia Awards (November 11) will honor "Lincoln" star Daniel Day-Lewis with the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for excellence in film. The pre-selected awards, which this year also honor Daniel Craig, Quentin Tarantino, Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Will Wright, provide a BAFTA Oscar push for certain artists.

Last year the BAFTAs boosted David Yates and the final installment of the "Harry Potter" franchise, which did score some below-the-line Oscar nominations, but didn't pan out in the major categories. BAFTA LA also gave Christopher Nolan a big "Inception"-year tribute.

The Britannias are BAFTA LA's highest accolade, and are presented annually at a Beverly Hilton gala. For the first time, the Britannias will be broadcast on BBC America at 8pm ET on the same night as the ceremony, November 11.