Thompson on Hollywood

Drake Doremus' low-brow Sundance comedy Douchebag, which opened in New York over the weekend, is about two brothers, one on the verge of marriage, who go on a wild goose chase to find the other's fifth grade girlfriend. While some big studio films (Tron: Legacy comes to mind) have developed iPhone apps, this is one of the first little-known indies to try to build a following with a free iTunes iPhone app, available for free download at the Apple app store. (Let us know if there are others.)

Here's what you can do with the Douchebag app:

- Send a Douche (message) via text, email or Facebook
- Play quotes from Douchebag (or write your own douche-y quote)
- See Douchebag showtimes
- Watch the Douchebag trailer (below)
- Customize the app's background music from a selection of Douchebag's songs