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Best of the Week: 'Argo' Arrives, Interviews with Arkin and August, Oscar Talk, 'Zero Dark Thirty' & More

by TOH!
October 12, 2012 4:39 PM
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This week on TOH!, we give you a new installment of Oscar Talk, we interviewed Alan Arkin on his role in "Argo" and screenwriter John August on industry frustration and "Frankenweenie," we considered the conspicuously silent "Zero Dark Thirty" and much more!


Alan Arkin Takes Affleck's "Argo" Seriously: "It's not a spoof, satire, or parody" (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Immersed in Movies: Screenwriter John August Talks Burton's "Frankenweenie," "Big Fish" Musical and Industry Frustration


Oscar Talk: Supporting Actor, "Not Fade Away," Biopics and Small Contenders


Hollywood is in Turnaround

How David Chase Got All That Music For "Not Fade Away"

Actor Beware As Fassbender Joins Malick's Music Scene Romance; Cutting Room Victims Speak Out


Weekend Preview: Afflecks' Crowd-Pleasing "Argo," A Breath of Fresh in the "Middle of Nowhere"

Now and Then: "Decoding Deepak," or What the Bleep Does He Know?


"Mary Poppins" Origin Story "Saving Mr. Banks," Shooting with Hanks as Disney, Joins Backstage Hollywood Trend

FIRST LOOK: "Les Miserables" Poster Roundup: Hathaway, Seyfried, Jackman and Crowe

In the Works: Scott's "Blade Runner" Sequel "happening," Affleck Returns to Lehane to "Live by Night"

In the Works: Jodie Foster Set to Wrangle "Money Monster"


Hitchcock Interviewed by Cavett, from Childhood Trauma and "The Lodger," to "Psycho," "The Birds" and Beyond

WATCH: New Trailer on Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty"; Gandolfini Plays Panetta Against Chastain, Edgerton


RIP PR Pioneer Lois Smith: Tributes from Kingsley, Siegel, O'Donnell

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