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This week on TOH, the box office came down with a case of Olympics syndrome, Sight & Sound announced the Top 50 Films of All Time (with "Vertigo" taking the crown), we remembered avant-garde filmmaker Chris Marker and screenwriter-essayist Gore Vidal, and more!


Will Roadside's Wall Street Drama "Arbitrage," Starring Richard Gere, Repeat "Margin Call" Magic?

Documentary Action: "Invisible War" Sparks Change in the Military's Approach to Rape

Immersed in Movies: Previewing Disney's Animated "Wreck-It Ralph"


Spend a Sleepless Night and Day with Marilyn Monroe: A Guide to Her Best Roles

Critical Consensus:

"Vertigo" Tops New Sight & Sound Top 50 List; "2001: A Space Odyssey" Most Recent in Top 10

Sight & Sound Top 50 Editor Nick James Talks Changes in List and Voters


"The Girl," Ethel Kennedy Dominate HBO at TCA: Hedren Calls Hitchcock "evil and deviant," Sorkin Answers "Newsroom" Critics

"The Newsroom" Episode 6 Review and Recap: "Bullies," Heroes and Will McAvoy's Charmed Navigation of the Two

Box Office:

Arthouse Audit: New Releases Led by "Ruby Sparks" Are Hurt by the Olympics

Weekend Box Office: Business As Usual? No, It's the Olympics, Stupid

Oscar Watch:

Magnolia Juggles Mads Mikkelson's "Royal Affair," "The Hunt"


It's True: Peter Jackson Will Turn "The Hobbit" Into a Trilogy (COMIC-CON VIDEO)

Travel Diary:

The View from China, Part One


Remembering Gore Vidal, Prolific Author-Screenwriter-Playwright and First-Rate Feuder (VIDEO)

One Day with Chris Marker, Film Essayist and Influencer