The Black List has launched its expansion into television and episodic scripted content. Beginning November 13, writers worldwide can upload their original pilot scripts (and, optionally, their series bibles) to the script database, request evaluations by professional script readers, and make their scripts available to the Black List's membership of 2,000-plus industry professionals.

Writers can categorize their scripts, including multi-cam/single-cam, procedural/serialized, length of season, prospective number of seasons, and in more than 60 genres and over 800 tags.

As with feature film scripts, writers pay $25 per month to host and index each of their pilots (the series bible is no additional charge) on the site, accessible only by the Black List community of professionals (and by their fellow writers if they choose to make them available.) They can further pay for evaluations by professional script readers hired by the Black List.

Evaluations for pilots meant to be longer than 30 minutes will cost $50, just like feature scripts, and those meant to be 30 minutes or less will cost $30. WGA East and West members can list their material for free (without hosting it), just as they can with their film scripts.

Plus, Black List founder Franklin Leonard states, “writers retain all rights to sell and produce their work and are free to negotiate the best deal they can get. All we ask is an email letting us know of their success.”