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First Glimpse at Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce in Drake Doremus' Sundance Entry 'Breathe In'

by Beth Hanna
December 18, 2012 2:50 PM
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Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce in "Breathe In"
Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce in "Breathe In"

Check out this new image from Drake Doremus' upcoming Sundance entry "Breathe In," starring Felicity Jones as a British high school exchange student who shakes up the life of an older music teacher, played by Guy Pearce.

"Breathe In" co-stars Amy Ryan ("Gone Baby Gone," "The Wire") and Kyle MacLachlan ("Sex and the City," "Twin Peaks"), and is written by Doremus and his "Like Crazy" screenwriting collaborator Ben York Jones.

Ms. Jones also toplined Doremus' last film, "Like Crazy," which generated serious buzz out of Sundance 2011, despite coming up short on box office and the awards circuit the following fall. Jones played a foreign exchange student in that film as well.

Also on Pearce's 2013 slate is romantic comedy "Hateship, Friendship" opposite Kristen Wiig, and "Iron Man 3" (trailer here). Jones' other project next year is Ralph Fiennes' second directorial outing "The Invisible Woman," starring Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas, and telling the story of Charles Dickens' secret mistress.

Here's the official synopsis for "Breathe In":

As summer turns to fall, music teacher Keith Reynolds privately reminisces about his days as a starving artist in the city. While his wife, Megan, and daughter, Lauren, look forward to Lauren’s final year of high school, Keith clings to those evenings he’s asked to sub as a cellist with a prestigious Manhattan symphony. When Megan decides the family should host foreign exchange student Sophie, the British high school senior soon rekindles an impetuous aspect of Keith’s personality.


  • Jay | December 18, 2012 3:35 PMReply

    Doremus should start a franchise of the "British foreign exchange student" rom-dram variety, since that's the only kind of film he seems to know how to make.

  • Rog | December 18, 2012 4:22 PM

    I guess you haven't seen his other films.

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