Tilda Moby 2

The Moby Dick Big Read site calls the Herman Melville classic "the great unread American novel." To rectify this, the site has gathered a group of participants, ranging from famous to unknown, to each read and record one of the 135 chapters from the whaling tome. First up: Tilda Swinton.

"Moby Dick" is currently capturing the adaptation- and remake-happy imagination of Hollywood, with screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski ("Contraband") working on a rewrite for the long-gestating Universal project, with Timur Bekmambetov set to direct once the script is set. Let's hope they don't retitle it "Captain Ahab: Whale Hunter."

Check out Martin Scorsese's two 10 Best lists here, in which he cites John Huston's brilliant 1956 adaptation of "Moby Dick" as one of the top English-language films to master light and color.