Shia LeBeouf in Sigur Ros video
Shia LeBeouf in Sigur Ros video ‪for 'Fjögur píanó‬'

Shia LaBeouf, nymphomaniac? Danish auteur Lars von Trier wants the "Transformers" star for his upcoming film, "Nymphomaniac." Set to shoot this September, the film already has Trier's muse, Charlotte Gainsbourg ("Antichrist," "Melancholia") on board to star as a woman whose erotic life is tracked from birth to age fifty, as told to her husband, to be played by Trier vet Stellan Skarsgard. Nicole Kidman may also appear in the film. Should LaBeouf's talks to join the film prove fruitful, he may get to strut his naked body on screen for the second time. He recently lent himself to an eight-plus minute Sigur Ros video, which you can watch below. Not a bad audition tape for a Trier film.

LaBeouf stars with Tom Hardy in John Hillcoat's "Lawless," opening August 29, which may not revitalize his post-"Transformers" career the way a juicy role in a Von Trier film could.