Charles Bronson

In 1976, Latin American cable network TVC aired this hilariously awful spot advertising a perfume called Mandom, with late Hollywood actor and Western stalwart Charles Bronson as the leading man whose showy masculinity reveals a softer side as he douses himself with cologne.

The soft focus and a creepy cascade of zooms give this commercial a bit of a porny feel, as if at any minute things will take a perverse turn. Yes, Bronson can fire a gun and he drives a luxury car, but he wears perfume -- or aftershave or whatever Mandom is -- too. He can't stop taking his shirt off. He can do it all.

This is the kind of problematic, oversexualized and downright unsettling ad that would never work today. But it's an amusing time capsule nonetheless. Behold the manly spectacle below.